Published in “Creating Genius Magazine” October 17th, 2014

People often ask me, what is the next area or thing needed for a business to have greater expandability. And let’s face it, everyone has an answer depending on their area of expertise. For me, the next big thing has never changed. It always comes down to the individual. Do they have what it takes? You know, that living, breathing creative spirit? Or are they followers of trends, disempowering themselves, and thus, staying mediocre without any knowledge of their self-sacrifice?

Harsh words they may appear to be, but results are in the pudding. As an entrepreneur, I find it illuminating how I function – which is me testing [me] the existing product and adapting the outcome to increase the probabilities. For most of us, the question never arises: Do I focus on the consumer world or the business analysis? Or do I turn and face the mirror of the one making the choices when crunch time arrives? Every single choice creates a ripple-effect which opens (1) past paths littered with stones or (2) new progressive portals. It all stems from our own “CHOICE”.

Relationship connections to fellow entrepreneurs are bridges which pave the way. The past has shown time and time again, that all answers are within ourselves, which also includes those we choose to be within the team culture. We are entrepreneurs; we are not average. We do not fit into generalizations; we are a creative, free-thinking tribe born with the intelligence to change the status quo, and we are doing just that, here today, right now.

It cannot be ignored that any business venture with expectations of growth develops a forecast to be the carrot on the end of the stick, a requirement of relevance.

This process includes, (a) the awareness of one’s talents, skills and abilities of how we function when challenges arise, (b) how quickly we adapt as a group and not get bogged down in all forms of ego and dogma, (c) if we are able to stay focused on keeping the product fresh and aligned with that which constantly transpires in the outside world, and (d) never ever allow yourself to engage in defensive emotional states of being due to another’s advice, criticisms, and/or opinions.

This brings to mind the question: Do we create our own “DESTINY?” The answer may be a true or false fact, but the word is in existence for a reason – as are we. Cultures all over the world for thousands of years have adopted destiny into their beliefs. The definition is as follows:

1. The events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing. “The person was unable to control their own destiny.”

2. The hidden power believed to control what will happen in the future; fate. “The person believes in destiny.”

So what is the point here? If as an individual I remain alone, how great will my achievements be? If I engage with that which surrounds me, how much greater will my life – and my life’s work – become? Destiny is an end result that which produces destiny (result). It is forever in the hands of the one who makes the choices. Who and what you choose to engage with, has nothing to do with beliefs. So go forward, engage with all that divine grace has given, be the pioneer and discover freedom, set sail on the edge of a fresh blowing wind.

You will always only be part of the story.

Ask yourself which story – someone else’s or your own. Possibilities are endless and probability is a definite. Constantly allow yourself to surrender to evolution. Be curious, remain grateful, and educate, for the future has already happened and the sky is not the limit.

You were a seed, and now you’re here fully grown. If that is not destiny then I don’t know what it is!

 “Creating Genius Magazine”