Believe it or not, this is a profound time of change, not because someone claims it so, but because we as a species demand it. Evolution may be a crude term, but our need for growth is inevitable. When a bug leapt from a pig to a chicken and created bird flu, the animal world announced that they were evolving faster than us humans!


As a collective group, humans are the most powerful force on the face of this earth. What a shame we are not unified.
We, at whatever organization we may belong to, have the opportunity to develop beyond our limitations. Find those connections with those persons/organizations who have reached the next step we are aiming for, to continue on an upscale path. Creating alliances seems to be the flavor in these times, the question is:


(1) Does this create comfort with like minded people
(2) Or does it set up the challenges we need to face, in order to move forward and grow
(3) Have we created a unified team or an alliance of individuals that continues to keep us as we are


Fritz Pearls who was at the for front of moving people beyond themselves and into new levels of consciousness once said “ a class of 50 people all working towards the same goal collectively created amazing results, but when one and only one of those persons was playing the part of the black sheep, the results were beyond describable words.”


When like attracts like growth happens, but when opposites come together conceptual growth is born, growth then goes beyond the expectations of past experience, this growth is now something new exciting and continual.
So why all this blah blah? Choose wisely your alliances so that you may have conceptual growth externally and personally. We are told to find our purpose and that it will steer us towards our passion, I say challenge yourself, your purpose is to experience life, and that will lead you to your true passionate self.


Language of Space is opposite to anything you may have been in contact with before. The gap between where your business is now and the end result is “your business will never be the same.”
Michael WhiteRyan