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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Feng Shui - Remodel - Personal Analysis

“I have been working with Language of Space, utilizing their services since 2010, improving the dynamics of my business space with their Feng Shui expertise to support my business growth, guiding me to make better choices, and personal readings for myself and employees to help us gain a better understanding of ourselves to be a more effective team. My business has gone from leasing to owning our own commercial building where Pamela was instrumental in determining the location and involving her Feng Shui and spatial design expertise throughout the buildout process. The end result, a nomination for a Spire Award for commercial real estate and a joy for everyone to work in this new space.
Pamela has always been there to assist when needed, to solve problems and provide insights towards moving my company and myself forward. She has been instrumental in so many capacities, I fully appreciate her dedication to my success. The result, my business has dramatically grown in revenue, initially becoming one of the fastest growing companies published in INC magazine, to maturing into a company that is now well seasoned and functioning much more efficiently with the right people in the key positions to lead the company forward.
Troy Hoffman
Costa Mesa, CA, Founder, Simpluris, Inc
My wife, Christy, and I have been clients for the past 8 years. Pamela first performed a Feng Shui analysis for my wife's home prior to us meeting. Christy followed Pamela's guidance, and she was looking for a relationship in her life. Within a week of implementing Pamela's recommendations, we met and were married 7 months later.

Based on this success, I requested a profile reading that was performed based on the energetic qualities that comprise my birth chart. The insights gained about who I am and what drives and motivates me were uncannily accurate given the fact that Pamela had never met me. We have also requested an annual analysis of our home and working spaces to maintain the positive Feng Shui energy surrounding us.

Pamela is extremely insightful and supportive, and very talented in her art. Living in my new home is my first conscious contact with the art of Feng Shui and I am an advocate. Following the recommendations for my wife, I feel the usefulness and support the space gives us. In addition, both Christy and my careers have blossomed following Pamela's Feng Shui guidance.

In the year after Christy and I were married, we planned an addition to the home. Christy, as the architect, included Pamela as an integral partner in this design. The kitchen design achieved the winning award by Luxe Red Magazine 2021. I highly recommend Pamela as a partner in the design and construction of any new space.”
Michael Kriz
Scottsdale, AZ Senior Principal Technical Program Manager, Varis
"Greetings Fellow and Future Language of Spacers! “Writing to show sincere gratitude and gratefulness towards Pamela Edwards, for her tremendous assistance and guidance involving an extensive remodel/home addition project we are involved in. Thanks to Pamela's expertise and uncompromising scrutiny of our architectural plans she was able to map out and help create the best auspicious floor plan to serve and support our family now and moving forward. In particular, much focus and attention was directed towards my husband's office location; as the primary bread winner, his work space called for top priority—a preference whose financial gain has already shifted for the better, and is already delivering noticeable results. Thank you!

Pamela's instrumental involvement has always had our best interest at heart and her recommendations have always benefited us. Finally, as our project evolves, we are already experiencing positive shifts for the better. We highly recommend a yearly forecast as well as an enhancement and guiding light to further illuminate one's path—particularly in these uncharted times.

Thank you again for your unwavering patience, honesty and guidance through our project—we would recommend Pamela Edwards as our steward anytime!”
Melissa & Russel
Scottsdale AZ

Feng Shui - Personal Analysis

“After becoming acquainted with Language of Space through a mutual client's project, I decided to engage Language of Space several years ago for the Feng Shui of both my home and business. I am a small business owner and I perform a good percentage of business from home as well. Although at first, I thought some of the activations required were on the odd side, I began to see improvements in the steadiness and profitability in my business and also a profound improvement in my relationship with my husband. I am now an advocate of Feng Shui for the spaces that we occupy and Pamela in particular, as a Feng Shui master. She has a special appreciation for the layout and use of space since her initial education was in Environmental Design. As a Feng Shui master, she is able to bring her knowledge of spatial use and Feng Shui principals together for maximum effect. My firm and my personal life are a prime example of how her abilities have stepped up the right energy at the right time.”
Liz Hattox Itakura
Costa Mesa, CA, President, Hattox Design Group
“I’ve been working with Pamela for over a decade. She has helped transform both my home and business environment to adapt to my personal goals and needs. She has a very special gift and deep background and wisdom about energetic principles that govern life, space and time. I consult with her annually and throughout the year whenever there are major changes that could use her insight. I have experienced the incredible benefits using her system. I look forward to working with her for many years to come.”
Cheryl H.
New York, Creative Director
“Hiring Language of Space to consult us with our home and business initially brought up some reservations, unsure what changes would be expected and what additional costs would be required. Once we met with Pamela we were convinced of the quality of her expert knowledge and any doubts were quickly put aside. Pamela was clear, detailed and very easy to work with. We understood exactly what we had to do to shift energy in our favor to make life flow more fluently. We were amazed at how much we learned, and realized how little we knew about our environment and its affect on our lives.

Once we implemented Pamela’s suggestions we saw immediate benefits with a continuous change for the better. With our business, traffic flow increased with new people finding us, and lots of great feedback saying, "I don't know what you guys are doing but I feel so good when I come here" or " So glad we found you we love your store" Our business has continued to grow as we help many more customers grow their own food year round. As for our home, we now enjoy spending more time here together. I am very pleased at the professionalism and the friendship we created by working with Pamela over the past 10 years.”
Jose and Brooklin DeMelo
Kamloops, BC, Owners, West Coast Hydroponic Garden Shop
“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the difference that you have made in my life. I know this sounds corny, but since the moment I met you I felt the process of positive transformation in my life. Your knowledge of Feng Shui is absolutely impressive, it has literally changed my health, business and relationship with others.

Since your first consultation four years ago I have soared in all areas of my life… I have lost a total of 48 pounds and have kept it off. I know it’s the peace and tranquility that my living environments possess. This has helped me focus on my health, and my body has slowly been transforming into a healthier state.

My business has been stronger than ever, it has kept growing in spite of ups and downs in the market place. It still amazes me how your techniques have worked in keeping my office so busy. My team is always talking about you and asking me when you will be back in town for more advice. They truly believe and trust your work. I truly appreciate what you do for us. I never thought that Feng Shui would improve my life in so many ways.”
Sergio E. Gonzalez H
Broker/Owner, Costa Rica
"Pamela Edwards is much more than a Feng Shui consultant. My experience with her is that she does not restrict herself to the typical study of form and placement, but strives to understand where her clients are in their lives and integrates that data with her own insights. The results are nothing short of transformative."
Bob Stevens
Los Angeles, CA, Photographer

Personal Analysis

"The reading / Personal Assessment that I received from Pamela was spot on! With the most minimal information she was able to list all the issues that have been plaguing me, with specific recommendations about how to address them. Love, money, business advice was all completely on target. It is an amazing value. Pamela's personal assessment is like having your therapist, astrologer, and business advisor rolled into one powerful 1-hour download!"
Mary O'Connor
North Carolina, Founder, Epic Mind Business Consulting
“Pamela completed a very thorough analysis, spending a significant amount of time reviewing the results so I could clearly understand them. Her feedback was accurate and I was amazed that she could pinpoint certain areas in my life that I had not previously discussed with her. Not only was I provided feedback on my characteristics and traits that I could continue to grow on, but I was also provided suggestions on how to do this. If you desire to have information about what could hinder or enhance your personal and professional growth, then my personal recommendation is that you see Pamela as soon as possible. You will definitely be provided a prescription to beginning your journey of living a fulfilling life.”
Dr. Gwen Smith
Ph.D., Hanover, MD, Business Success and Life Coach
“I’ve had an amazing experience with Pamela, she did a profile reading for me (Identity Code), didn’t really know what to expect and thanks to that experience I’ve had the best year of my life. I don’t know what else to attribute it to. I am affiliated with great people, I am a trainer, I travel internationally, but there was something that tipped thanks to Pamela. So, if you do not know Pamela yet it is really important to get to know her. She revealed things that frankly I hadn’t known about myself. It’s important to be able to understand yourself by leveraging the objectivity of brilliant people like Pamela. Wonderful person, amazing service, especially in times as they are. Go for it, will make a huge difference in your life.”
Chris Steely
Orange County, CA, Strategic Business Executive

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