What fascinates me is how businesses function with the relationship attraction of like-to-like and then hope they do not end up in partner disputes, leading to friends’ no-more. A great example of this being the way we view/separate that which belongs within another culture. And yes, I am talking about this misunderstood term “Feng Shui”.

For years now it has been closely associated with “clutter”. Feng Shui is about the realignment of energies in partnership/relationship, which when looked at from a material world view looks exactly like clutter. The power of choice creates our results. Feng Shui will change your life forever and clutter will rearrange your desk, go figure. Clutter we understand and Feng Shui is the wu wu of “let’s not go there ever!”

Check out these photos and see if you can make sense of why this business is always full of people everyday, doing great business 7 days a week. It is in the middle of now where, hard to find, people drive past it everyday and yet there is a line-up at the counter inside continually. The photos are a clue, and yet they don’t look like much, but of course it has to do with “capturing energy” not “reducing clutter”.

We tend to have this belief that business is about choices (partly) and it is. Make the wrong choice and the invitation has been sent out. The lease sign is already on its way.