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“Identity Code” Personal Reading Sign Up

Our “Identity Code” Personal Astrology Reading is an in depth assessment tool that will shed light on what matters most to you and can provide you with the clarity and direction you are seeking. With greater understanding, brings more self-acceptance and joy into life.

Personal Traits – Self-Expression – Career – Leadership – Personal and Family Relationships – Health and Wellness – Financial and Wealth Potential – Future Opportunities

Understanding your Astrology Chart

Hour of Birth

Day of Birth

Month of Birth

Year of Birth

Take charge of designing your own life.

Find your passion to drive your life forward.

To schedule an session please fill out the following form:

    Birth date + time of birth, if known

    Birth City and Country

    Provide 3 questions you would like clarity about.

    Additional information you would like to include about yourself and what you are seeking:

    Submit your information and make a payment below to proceed with a reading.

    New client fee:

    1st Session    $500.00

    Additional sessions are available as needed. Consider an annual session to benefit for the year ahead.

    Returning client fee:

    1 Session    $350.00

    3 Monthly Sessions     $900.00

    6 Monthly Sessions    $1500.00

    You will receive a confirmation email and be contacted to schedule an appointment.

    Allow 1 – 2 weeks for preparation and to get on our schedule.  

    We will meet via Zoom, and you will receive a recording of your session.

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