OK guys lets do some Feng Shui stuff. Lets just for a minute go with the idea that we are all connected, so what you may say. Well if this is the case then why can I not see this????


We know that life and especially ours are made up of patterns regardless of…if we are creating them outwardly…or they are coming to us not so good or lovingly.


Using a crude expression, they all arrive in some symbolic form. So if the language that flows between us and our experiences is a symbolic language then the patterns show us the translation.


Example, your home is a body of wood and bricks or whatever with doors and a main entry where the outside comes into the inside. Your physical body is a body of skin and bones with doors, the main door being your mouth where the outside enters into the inside.


You eat food to grow and survive, the house eats energy from nature to grow and sustain the family inside a body structure (home). That food in both instances is YANG (active) what a blessing for you.


So keep the openings clear, we shift the chairs and furniture to allow that energy to reach as far as possible into the home, so you get the benefit.


When a Feng Shui consultant rearranges your home or business, it opens those doors of opportunity to enter, this can be predetermined or this can allow for yours and yours alone opportunity, to enter into your life. Maybe not the one you wanted but definitely by divine grace the one you needed at the right moment of your time.


Synchronicity gets you every-time, you can not escape it. What is your awareness telling you !!!