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Residential Feng Shui

Envision living in a space that supports and nourishes you and your family to create greatness in your life.

The ups and downs of life are amplified by the energy in your home. Therefore, if roadblocks and unexpected downturns are consistently getting in your way, it’s time to turn to your environment to see what is going on.

Creating a healthy living environment is essential to rejuvenate and take shelter from the hustle and bustle of the world. Energetically, your home is part of who you are. It influences your thoughts, behaviors, and the level of success you attract into your life.  

A consultation includes a thorough analysis of your home, as well as any needed recommendations to arrange, enhance and balance the Feng Shui. Often, many of the areas that need attention focus around family relationships, challenges with health, or overcoming financial uncertainties. Our primary directive is always about the people, as they are the heart of any home / family environment.

The desired outcome for a residential Feng Shui consultation is to create a supportive environment that is enjoyable and relaxing, and offers a friendly place for interaction, work and study areas that foster productivity, and, most importantly, a peaceful bedroom that inspires rest and harmonious relationships, to promote a healthy and prosperous lifestyle.


*All fees are customized based on the needs of the client. We do not provide service as an architect or interior designer

What does a Feng Shui Consultation consist of:

*Required by the client: Accurate floor plan and birthdate information for all occupants of the residence.

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