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Business & Commercial Feng Shui

Create an environment that supports financial growth, effective people management, and increased efficiency.

When the energy of your space is in alignment with the people and on purpose with your business everything begins to fall into place, opening the door for extraordinary things to happen.

Experience shows us that issues with staff and employees are of the upmost importance, and can easily undermine the efforts of the business. Frustrations with lack of enthusiasm, missed deadlines, internal conflicts cost the business money. Often times there is a lack of control over expenses. The reality is that the physical environment directly affects how people function at work and the business they attract. The solutions we provide show you how to unlock the door towards solving these problems.

Once recommendations are applied our clients observe a renewed interest present in the business. Opportunities open up that would have never been realized before. Suddenly opposing employees find themselves in agreement, unexpected sales increase financial gains, or new ideas and strategies rise to the surface to grow the business. Every situation is different, which keeps our work fresh and exciting. Our goal is to discover the key that moves you into a new world of success.

Typical Issues Addressed


*All fees are customized based on the needs of the client. We do not provide service as an architect or interior designer

What does a Feng Shui Consultation consist of:

Required by the client: Accurate floor plan and birthdate information for all occupants and key personnel for business.

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