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Create the Life you Love to Live

Feng Shui Strategies for Self-Empowerment in 2022
The Year of the Water Tiger

One day seminar
Date to be announced

No prior knowledge needed to attend.

2022 is a pivotal year, an ideal time to embark on a journey to make definitive changes in your life. It’s a once is a lifetime opportunity, the stars are aligned to magnify your efforts to make an impact.

No time better then now to create a shift in your life. Take a moment to consider what is showing up in your world.

  • Do you feel supported emotionally and mentally?
  • Are you satisfied with your relationships?
  • What is happening with finances and your career?
  • Do you feel comfortable in your home and wake up invigorated to greet the day?

I invite you to join me as I guide you to create transformations in your life.

Time to get unstuck – let go of your fears – be engaged – reconnect with your passion

– Learn how your astrological chart can be your roadmap to support your goals in 2022, to have a deeper understanding about yourself.

– Learn simple Feng Shui solutions that anyone can apply to create positive change.

– Discover how your home environment has the power to impact how you function and what changes are needed to make a transformation in your life.

Everything we observe that surrounds us, knowingly or unknowingly, influences our senses and how we feel about ourselves. When your space has a good flow of energy and is in alignment with who you are, expect your life to begin to change for the better. You’ll feel re-energized, allowing your mindset to focus on positive thoughts, attracting new opportunities into your life. Life begins working for you to tap into the greatness that is within yourself.

We are at the threshold of a new 20 year period in time known as Period 9,The Age of Inspiration and Transformation“. 2022 prepares the way to embrace this new energy with a greater opportunity to awaken to your brightest destiny. It is time to make choices that plant new seeds and take action that fosters growth for the next years to come.

What you will learn in this one day online seminar:

There is no time to linger as we prepare for the future. You will learn facinating things about yourself and your home that will help you have a brighter year ahead.
TRUST anything is possible. BE in charge of creating your reality

Don't hesitate to sign up to get our EARLY BIRD discount and qualify for the BONUS gift

This is a live class via zoom. You will receive an email confirmation once you join and another email with a login prior to the class.  A handout will be provided

DATE: To be announced

TIME: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm PST with breaks

FULL PRICE $279.00   EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT $149.00, through (Date to be announced) ENTER CODE: LIFE2022

After (Date to be announced) ENTER CODE: LIVE2022 to get PRICE $197.00

BONUS gift for the first 25 people to register.  A special report “How to set up your Bedroom for a good night’s sleep”

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