2021 YEAR OF THE METAL OX Begins February 4th

The new year has just begun based on the configurations of the planets and stars. This being the year of the Yin Metal Ox is a time for new beginnings. The Metal Ox year signifies the image of a diamond being dug out of the earth, a rebirth, something beautiful being born into existence. It’s a time for new ways of thinking and connecting with people, a new order being brought forth. Although don’t get too comfortable, we are not out of the woods yet, there are still issues present. With any birthing there are unknowns, the depths of which we do not know as difficulties are likely to arise. 

The energies require commitment and dedication with a back to basics approach to rebuild a foundation in both your career and personal life. There is still a flushing out of old energies being exhumed, it feels relentless, and yet the more we embrace change, the easier it becomes. If you resist, you are bound to feel the pressures mounting around you. The old normal no longer exists. 

Heal what is lingering to be healed as we transition into this new era, Use this year as a catalyst to move you towards your highest potential, it is a year for self discovery, to heal relationships and deepen communication. Align your actions to be a healing energy, how to help others heal, to make your business heal, to support others in doing better this year. Find ways to create unity. Be the voice of sanity and inspiration for others. 

Watch your thoughts, as we deepen our awareness we have the choice to be in charge of what we focus our minds on. You are in charge of creating your reality and no matter the conditions around you, you are capable of creating the outcome you desire. This is our work. 

“Red Cliff” by John Woo

I invite you to watch “Red Cliff”, a real story that took place during a Metal Ox year long ago in China. A famous battle that makes use of the art of timing along with an understanding of the environmental forces to triumph over adversity.



We are transitioning into a time of advanced technology, the development of new software and platforms, AI design. Anything to do with online presence and sales, logistics and digital applications that interface with our businesses. Think out of the box, be real, come from your heart to understand your options to make better choices and decisions. Things that have no real value don’t serve our needs anymore and will no longer persist. Lots of things will end, opening the door for new ideas and with that comes new competition. Be prepared.

When challenges occur consider whether it’s a crisis or an opportunity. Be curious, look at things as though they are happening for you. Ask yourself, what are you prepared to do to change your life for the better? We are entering a new frontier.

We can expect continued problems with health issues, vaccines can solve some issues and create new ones, be proactive if you have sensitivity with your lungs.

Choose to see what is coming, navigate any turbulence by getting out in front and strategizing a plan. See where there is hope for a bright future, reach deep within to connect with your heart to find your shining light to guide you, to empower you, to experience a fulfilling year ahead.


Take time during this next week to clean and cleanse your home. Get rid of things that no longer are needed, organize your closets, and get rid of clutter. Make room for what you want to make a fresh start. Pay attention to your outside space, the health of the plants and trees, take care of any neglected area. Any neglect can reflect what is showing up in your life, inside and outside.


(You can find your animal signs based on your birth chart on the internet – go to this site: www.dragon-gate.com/tool/bazi/ ) Depending where the animals are in your chart will determine how they impact your life.

Being an Ox year, for anyone born in the Ox year expect that you will stand out, it is your year to shine. Take advantage and promote yourself online, meet the right people to gain recognition. Set a plan into motion to elevate your status, do something great. Unexpected changes are likely to happen as well, seize the opportunity and trust whatever lessons show up are here to teach you, be courageous. Be cautious, you are more prone to accidents this year.

For those born in the Goat year you oppose the Ox and therefore can expect many aspects of your life to change. It’ll be a favorable year if you embrace the change, otherwise will be very challenging if you resist. Think transformational, determine what you want and get rid of what is not working, tackle the problems head on and likely to dissolve away. Adapt to and focus on helping others. More likely to move and definitely need to watch your spending, you’ll spend more so make it count.



The Metal Rat Year has just begun on February 4th, based on the Solar Calendar.  

January starts off with a bang with so many clients requesting updates to prepare for the year ahead, which keeps me working round the clock until now.  So, finally have a breather to put my thoughts together for this month’s newsletter, hope you enjoy.

Starting off with the Tiger month, it begins with a roar.  Tigers are known for their fierceness and protective nature. They have a stubborn streak and when teamed up with the Earth energy this month as well, only strengthens that resolve. On the other hand this is a month for exhibiting kindness, and getting the job done as Tigers have an amazing strength to push forward and the Earth adds to this with its groundedness and logical thinking.  No better time to put your plans into motion for what lies ahead this year.

Since this is the first month of the New Year let me give you some insights into the energies for the year 2020.  Being a Metal Rat year there is a focus on justice, and we can expect upheavals with highs and lows prevailing. Imagine a Rat in armor, ready to do battle. Yes, we will be tested, as you are already seeing with events around the world and here in America.  Be ready for the unexpected, it’s a rollercoaster ride ahead, everything from stagnation, to steadiness, to unexpected changes, both good and unwelcoming.  In business, this year the Earth element is exhibiting its full strength, and can expect any businesses related to construction, real estate, mining, and insurance to prosper. On the other hand businesses that will face a steep challenge are tourism, travel, shipping, and most affected is the aviation industries, as we already see happening.

How to thrive this year, in particular we can expect that help is on the way. Breathe slowly, step back and determine how you can play a proactive role in being part of the solution.  Find ways to be helpful to others, to bring us together. Determine commonalities that transcend the polarized viewpoints that are so prevalent. 

How can we create unity? What are the lessons to be learned, to find acceptance in who we are being. Not just for self, but also for the greater good. Trust that people and solutions show up. What you think and believe is what persists. This is a year where change is the prevailing course. Be honest and take a close look into your self. Where are our old conditionings that keep us small showing up, and how can I truly make a change to embrace my greatness. This is a warrior year, face your fears. I know this has been said over and over in recent years, but we are truly at the tipping point. The Metal Rat year is a powerful time; unrest is part of this energy, as this is often what is needed to bring about real change. Keep your eyes open, have an action plan ready to embrace the opportunities, and expect a year filled with excitement and challenge.  Charge ahead in the spirit of love and unity ….


Published in “Creating Genius Magazine” October 17th, 2014

People often ask me, what is the next area or thing needed for a business to have greater expandability. And let’s face it, everyone has an answer depending on their area of expertise. For me, the next big thing has never changed. It always comes down to the individual. Do they have what it takes? You know, that living, breathing creative spirit? Or are they followers of trends, disempowering themselves, and thus, staying mediocre without any knowledge of their self-sacrifice?Continue reading


What fascinates me is how businesses function with the relationship attraction of like-to-like and then hope they do not end up in partner disputes, leading to friends’ no-more. A great example of this being the way we view/separate that which belongs within another culture. And yes, I am talking about this misunderstood term “Feng Shui”.Continue reading

Location – Location – Location

Looking for a location for your business?


I can’t stress enough the importance of choosing a location that is compatible for the type of business that you have. It can make the difference from just ordinary, or even struggling to extraordinary. Years ago before learning about Feng Shui I had an experience that drives home this point.

I had a successful company with 80 reps selling my line that was bursting at the seams and needed more space. So, moved to a new location with adequate space. Well, it was like I suddenly became invisible. The phones stopped ringing, orders stopped coming in, began having difficulty getting customers to pay their bills. It destroyed my business. Now with the knowledge and experience I have, I clearly see the reason why it failed. No energy got into the space. The surrounding environment was bad.

This is why I stress – Location – Location – Location
Before you make a decision on a new location I am hear to help you make the right choice.


How to Make Your Business Irresistible!

You know you are on the verge of something great, you feel it in your body, but something keeps holding you back…….

This feeling has driven you to invest in your ideas, your business, and your dreams and yet you are still searching for answers. How do I make the shift that catapults my business from ordinary to extraordinary? How do I stimulate my income to live the lifestyle I deserve?

Along the way you have picked up pieces of knowledge, business models, strategies, marketing, sales tips, and an array of tools to keep you on purpose to grow your business. So, why isn’t it working? Why hasn’t this helped you break through to a new level of success?Continue reading

Pamela Edwards on Expert Insights Radio!

Viki Winterton interviews Pamela Edwards!




Pamela is a Speaker, Author, Master Practitioner of Classical Feng Shui and CEO of Language of Space.

Since early childhood, Pamela has been fascinated with building designs and how spaces make people feel. In 1999 following her passion, she began an extensive mentorship in the ancient science of Feng Shui from various highly respected Masters.

Pamela now has a dynamic multi-faceted approach to the well-being of personal growth and business transformation. Her unique skillset includes Feng Shui, Metaphysics and Environmental Design.

She advises individuals, entrepreneurs, groups and businesses in new ways to expand business performance through the design of workspace environments.

She initially earned a degree in Environmental Design, and developed a career in as owner of design-related businesses for over 20 years. Pamela is an Executive member of the Las Vegas Chamber and Instructor of CEO Space International.

Feng Shui Stuff

OK guys lets do some Feng Shui stuff. Lets just for a minute go with the idea that we are all connected, so what you may say. Well if this is the case then why can I not see this????


We know that life and especially ours are made up of patterns regardless of…if we are creating them outwardly…or they are coming to us not so good or lovingly.


Using a crude expression, they all arrive in some symbolic form. So if the language that flows between us and our experiences is a symbolic language then the patterns show us the translation.Continue reading


Believe it or not, this is a profound time of change, not because someone claims it so, but because we as a species demand it. Evolution may be a crude term, but our need for growth is inevitable. When a bug leapt from a pig to a chicken and created bird flu, the animal world announced that they were evolving faster than us humans!


As a collective group, humans are the most powerful force on the face of this earth. What a shame we are not unified.
We, at whatever organization we may belong to, have the opportunity to develop beyond our limitations. Find those connections with those persons/organizations who have reached the next step we are aiming for, to continue on an upscale path. Creating alliances seems to be the flavor in these times, the question is:


(1) Does this create comfort with like minded people
(2) Or does it set up the challenges we need to face, in order to move forward and grow
(3) Have we created a unified team or an alliance of individuals that continues to keep us as we areContinue reading