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Personal Analysis

The moment you take your first breath the energies that exist in the universe come together to shape the course of your life’s journey. Discover the amazing potential of who you are, to expand your boundaries and step into self-mastery.

Personal Analysis To Decode Your Destiny

Discover how to tap into your essence in a masterful way by building on your strengths and discovering hidden capabilities. 

Our Personal Identity Code Analysis interprets your energy map based on the date and time of your birth to give you a deeper understanding about the influences in your life regarding career, wealth, relationships, and well-being.

Through an understanding about yourself you will recognize how life is affecting your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings, and how to overcome whatever is holding you back. To unlock the best possibility for you to grow your business or your career, and to create meaningful relationships. 

With this insight, you will be positioned to better realize the opportunities and challenges that are present to enable you to move forward and realize your full potential. To have certainly even during uncertain times.


The expected outcome is to provide you with the foresight to make good decisions that enable you to achieve what you ultimately desire, taking you beyond your known experiences of who you are and giving you the know-how to achieve your goals. Solutions we provide will solve issues that you are facing right now.

“Identity Code” Personal Readings

Now, more than ever, it is an ideal time to deepen our awareness of who we are and shed light on the direction we want to move forward. A personal reading with Pamela is the perfect opportunity to learn about your inherent personality and character, health, well-being, career, and relationships, and to get answers to your questions to make your life more successful and fulfilling.

It’s time to take a journey into YOU!

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