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Business Analysis

Imagine feeling confident that every new hire will successfully fit into your organization. Our Business Analysis is a method to determine whether or not a person is the right fit to join your partnership, leadership team, or staff.

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Unfortunately, resumes don’t tell the full story. Our Identity Code Analysis, which is based on Chinese Astrology, is an essential tool for selecting and hiring management, employees, investors, and equity partners.

Our service clarifies the pre-existing potential of a future employee, along with their compatibility to the existing team with great accuracy. This allows you to select the best person for the job when all candidates have nearly identical experiences and qualifications, and determine whether the person is capable of merging with the existing staff, team, or higher management.

During this process, we compare the open position and company dynamic to the candidate’s:

Identity Code Analysis provides you with necessary insights into the character traits of the person, allowing for a more informed decision that alleviates your concerns about hiring the right person. After all, when someone turns out to be the wrong choice for the company, all of the time, energy, and money invested in the hiring and training process is lost. Therefore, it is essential to find a perfect match for your company and the position the first time.


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