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“Identity Code” Analysis

With the right strategies in place, we are unlimited in what we can achieve, giving us the ability to navigate the direction of our destiny.

Our Identity Code Analysis decodes a person’s chart to unlock and understand the amazing potential of who you are regarding your  Characteristics, Motivations, and Passions in life, to learn new ways to expand your capabilities to step into self-mastery. 

This analysis is based on The Four Pillars of Destiny—a method of Chinese Astrology that encompasses the energies we are born with that make up the foundation for our vibrational blueprint. This blueprint acts as a guide to create the roadmap for your life’s journey. 

The Four Pillars represent the components of your natal birth chart, comprising your year, month, day and hour, based on the 5 Elemental Theory (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) and the 12 Animals that represent the Zodiac. 

Years of experience have developed our expertise in interpreting these energies to expand your awareness and unlock your true potential. By understanding your strengths and weaknesses,  shedding light on your fears and limitations, you will be empowered to bring positive change into your life. 

Our lives are built upon the choices and decisions we make. While it is true that all of us are born with a different set of talents and skills, what truly matters is the actions we take to use these talents and skills to succeed in life. 

We are here to assist you on this transformational journey to make better choices and decisions that lead to greater success to live your life more abundantly.

Personal Analysis

“Identity Code” analysis creates a roadmap to understand your life’s potential of who you are, how you behave, your strengths, weaknesses and talents, both realized and unrecognized.

Business Analysis

“Identity Code” is an essential tool for selecting and hiring new employees, to remove concerns whether a person successfully fits in into an existing team / management / partnership.

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