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About Us

Every one of us is the creator of our own journey. Decisions steer our lives, giving us ultimate control over what we accomplish and where we end up. Language of Space is committed at every level to assisting you with evolving your own personal and professional journey.

Language of Space

Language of Space specializes in integrating Feng Shui principles with design solutions to create home and workspaces that align, support, and energize greatness within our lives.

For the past 20 years, founder Pamela Edwards has worked closely with CEOs and business owners in various industries, including property development, real estate, healthcare and hospitality. 

Every client receives the optimum experience by identifying root causes for their persisting problems, providing sound recommendations and strategies to empower their goals. 

Our commitment is to our client’s vision and core values, providing the solutions that help in their life transformations.


A unique approach that has gained recognition:

Pamela Edwards

Master Practitioner of Classical Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics

Pamela's Journey

As a child, Pamela was fascinated with exploring, loved the freedom of riding her bike and discovering new places, wandering along rambling streams, and experiencing the joy of being in nature. Most importantly, she enjoyed exploring buildings as they were being constructed, visualizing how these spaces would look when completed, and how she felt while spending time lost in her thoughts.

Moving forward, Pamela began observing people’s homes, curious about how others lived and the design of their spaces. She became absorbed with blueprints her dad brought home from work. So, it was no surprise that she went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Environmental Design from California College of the Arts. Prior to graduation, Pamela exhibited in the “New Designers Debut Show” in San Francisco and received the 1st place award for “Best use of Space.”

From there, she pursued a career in the arts, owning and operating design related businesses for more than 25 years. Her first business serviced the interior design market, catering to clients that include Niemen Marcus and Hyatt Hotels. From there, she spent several years as a textile designer before finally settling on a career owning a publishing company with products sold throughout the US. 

Pamela’s focus changed in the year 2000 when she was introduced to Feng Shui. She signed up for a class,  immediately immersed herself, and eventually was instructed by revered masters of Metaphysics and Feng Shui. Initially she spent 10 years under the tutelage of an esteemed Taiwanese Master.

This work continues to be the driving force in her life, providing a deep understanding of our environment and people while developing a profound connection within herself.


Feng Shui / Chinese Metaphysics:

Pamela is trained as a Classical Feng Shui Consultant in the advanced methodologies of Chinese Metaphysics, including: San He, San Yuan, Xuan Kong Flying Stars, Form School, 8 Mansions, Qi Men Dun Jia, Xuan Kong Da Gua, Date Selection, I Ching, Face Reading and Chinese Astrology (BaZi); interpreting the many complexities to turn them into simple solutions for her clients.

She has been privileged to study with several esteemed teachers and masters over many of the preceding 20 years. Her journey began with Master Peter Leung from Canada, and from there she was fortunate to pursue an invitation-only 10-year extensive mentorship with Master Shyan Tseng (June Nickoff) from Taiwan. Pamela was then hand selected for advanced studies and became a member of a global alliance of consultants with the focus on Feng Shui for Business and Land Development. Her training included international travels with further study in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Canada, and Mexico. 

In more recent years, Pamela has embraced training with Master Joey Yap from Malaysia, Sherwin Ng from Malaysia, Sherry Merchant from India, and Marlyna Los from Canada. Chinese Metaphysics is a very extensive system developed over thousands of years; therefore, one never stops learning from the vastness of this powerful art and science.

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