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Transform Your Business and Life with Feng Shui

Live and work in a space that supports and nourishes you to create greatness in your life

Environments that shape your future for success

Did you know our living and work spaces have the power to impact how we function within ourselves and how we connect to the world around us?

It’s true, everything we observe  surrounding us, knowingly or unknowingly, influences our senses and how we feel about ourselves. In Feng Shui, everything vibrates at a frequency and WE are part of that connection.

At Language of Space, experience proves when a space is arranged to take advantage of these frequencies, and align the energies with who we are, our lives change for the better. This energizes us to tap into the greatness within ourselves.

Our Goal, whether it is in a home, a business, or the development of an urban project, is to generate a flow of energy capable of nurturing its occupants to lead a healthy and prosperous lifestyle.

Our work also helps business owners and leaders to develop effective leadership skills, make strategic decisions, and find solutions to achieve sustained growth and profitability.

Introduction to Metaphysics

FENG SHUI is part of a metaphysical system used to understand the natural energies (Qi) of the living environment around us. 

It has been deeply rooted in Chinese culture for thousands of years and respected for its benefits in our modern world. It provides a system for living in balance and harmony with the energetic flow from nature itself. Based on the principles of the Five Elements [earth, metal, water, wood and fire], along with the Yin and Yang qualities that create an alignment with one’s own environment.

When you or your business aligns with the powerful forces of nature, fewer obstacles are experienced, difficulties are overcome faster, and  better relationships are formed.

Those who implement Feng Shui in their lives find that good things begin to happen and new opportunities for success are enhanced.

4 key factors that work in tandem to make a positive impact in our lives


Our living and workspaces have the power to influence how we function and the opportunities we attract into our lives.


The energies we are born with based on our Astrology chart tells us about who we are, giving us insights that enable us to tap into our essence in a masterful way.

Decision Making

Our thoughts create our actions and our actions create the reality we attract. When the choices we make are in alignment with who we are we begin to lead a life as a self-determinate creator.

The use of specific timing to anticipate the influence of the energy and amplify the positive results

Consulting Services

Business Feng Shui

Solutions for optimizing the work environment to support financial growth, effective people management, and increased efficiency.

Residential Feng Shui

The creation of a home environment that supports your endeavors for financial growth, harmonious relationships and better health.

Real Estate Feng Shui

Gain an advantage when you choose the optimal land, structure, and design for the greatest outcome at the lowest cost.

Personal Analysis

Our Identity Code analysis creates a roadmap to understand your life’s potential based on who you are, how you behave, and your strengths, weaknesses and talents, both realized and unrecognized.

Business Analysis

Using our essential Identity Code tool, we assist you in hiring new employees, so that you can feel confident knowing that a person successfully fits into an existing team / management / partnership.

Strategic Mentoring

Our proven method gets right to the core of issues and develops strategies for solving problems so that you can make better decisions and stop second guessing.

Our living and workspaces have the power to impact how we function within ourselves and how we connect to the world around us.

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