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Feng Shui Education

Feng Shui Education

What is Feng Shui?

Classical Feng Shui is a science which has been developed and used in Asia for thousands of years; it is a system to analyze the energetic influences of our environment. Its roots are deeply infused in Quantum Science based on physics, geometry, time, space, direction, location and the resulting quantity/quality of these Energies interacting together at the same point in time. Feng Shui is the system of living in balance and harmony with the energetic flow of one’s personal environment as it relates to the many changing environments that surround us. When a person or business is aligned with the powerful forces of nature, they find good things happen and opportunities for success are enhanced.

Master the Subtle Energies

Feng Shui is defined as Wind and Water. These are symbols of heaven and earth energy, expressed through the many powerful YIN and YANG forces of nature. These subtle energies flow inside and around our environment influencing every aspect of our life. We live in a world that is in a continuous state of motion. Like gravity or magnetic fields, you cannot see them, but eventually we all become aware of the results. Achieving the ideal balance of these energies is the goal of the Feng Shui consultant.

Real Results with Feng Shui

Feng Shui is about working with these energies to create a successful harmony with verifiable results. Energy must be allowed to move freely in your environment, so that you can function at your best, think clearly and to recognize opportunities as they arise. The principles of the Five Elements [earth, metal, water, wood and fire] are also considered. The balanced relationships of these elements reinforce the productive energies that are present in and around the environment. An experienced Feng Shui consultant has studied the many schools, and has years of experience to achieve balance, affect positive changes and personal growth.

Verifiable Lineage

It is important to note that Feng Shui requires comprehensive training with many years of study and fieldwork under a respected master with verifiable lineage. There are many systems of knowledge. When they are all understood and utilized, a consultant is able to best serve the client. Feng Shui yields measurable and long lasting results. Today, Western culture has come to accept and welcome methodologies from all over the world. For instance acupuncture, once the subject of much skepticism, is widely practiced, even in the medical field.

How Feng Shui Works

Classical Feng Shui examines the environment, the people, the element of time and how they interact with each other. An analysis reveals how the energies could be directed to promote success, harmony and vitality. The Feng Shui expert pays attention to the influence of the land forms, water, roadways, surrounding structures, etc., and their relationship to a business, community or a single residence. Feng Shui analyzes energy within a building and how energy flow impacts the occupants. Through these observations, the potential outcome for the client can be assessed and upgraded.

No Matter Where You Are

We live in an abundant universe with endless opportunities and possibilities. At Language of Space, our knowledge and experience allow us to tap into the real energy sources that determine the flow of abundance into your life and work. More importantly, we know how to neutralize and unblock the obstacles that may be holding you or your business back from an expansive potential.

So, whether you are an urban developer, a fortune 500 corporation, a start-up pioneer, an individual wondering how to get more out of life, allow Language of Space to apply their extensive skills to take you forward into a brighter tomorrow.


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