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The following is a representative cross-section of client responses, which are on file in our corporate offices:



I  heard so many wonderful testimonials from CEO Space members, including Bernie himself regarding the energy flow and the number of people that have attended the forum and the increase in people attending the Expo from 2 hours to 6 hours after Michael and Pamela Feng Shui’d the trade show. It really seems as though they are the masters of Feng Shuiing a room and getting the energetic flow of prosperity and all this good energy. I am really excited to be working with them and it has been an eye opening and revealing experience and can’t wait to see further progress as we move forward. Thank you for this opportunity Michael and Pamela, and for gifting us with your talents and gifts.

Lillian Walker, Lexiam Media. CA 2013


Everything in my business was giving me trouble. When I went to look at my annual update report you already predicted that this month would be a problem. How did you know that 6 months before it happened. You guys are amazing.

Escrow company owner, CA 2013


Two days after we made changes we had the best call ever as far as a business contact to set up a new contract.

Don and Diane Miller, Body Shop Nation, AZ 2012


WOW Having Michael and Pamela from Language of Space has been a tremendous turn around for our retail store. The six months after they left and with all the recommended changes we had to make to the business it is now in the double digits for net income percentage. This is huge I highly recommend them as they are magnificent at what they do.

Shelley and Al Demelo, Business Owners, Canada 2011


I hired Language of Space to analyze and institute changes that would be beneficial for improving the flow and profitability of my company. Their team of professionals implemented Feng Shui principles that we feel have increased business 20-25% within the past two month and are very pleased with their services. I highly recommend them to any business owner.

Keith....Medical Business  Los Angeles 2010


"My business expanded 27% in 30 days, I am now back in control of my business, thank you for your very professional service"

Chris...Business Owner  Los Angeles 2009


"After deciding to go ahead and hire Michael and Pamela, we were amazed at how much we didn't know about the environment within our own work place and how everything is affected by energy. Once implementing a few simple low cost steps to our business it was not too long where a shift was noticed.  Traffic flow increased, new faces and lots of great feedback from people saying how great it looks and feels when they walk in.  The biggest affect is the increase in profits from creating all the necessary recommended adjustments."

Business Owners...CEO Space members... 2010


"It is a very unusual business that you are in and I know there are just so many skeptics, however, when ever you have given your undivided attention and provided a structure to follow, our business as well as our general well being always picks up"

Business owner...Australia 2010


"Pamela Edwards is much more than a Feng Shui consultant. My experience with her is that she does not restrict herself to the typical study of form and placement, but strives to understand where her clients are in their lives and integrates that data with her own insights. The results are nothing short of transformative."

Bob......business owner....Manhattan Beach 2008


"Thank you for showing me around to various business which have commissioned your professional services. I was most impressed by the comments and success of your clients"

Mayor...New Zealand City... 2007

I have consulted with Language of Space for their expert advice when faced with major decisions or issues of importance. They were able to quickly assess the situation and create easy solutions. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them and will continue to use their invaluable services.

K.D......Sebastopal 2008


"My business has been stronger than ever…… it has kept growing in sales despite the 2008 crisis (incredible but true…I have the numbers to prove it)."
Sergio.....Real Estate Business Owner...Costa Rica 2009


Both Michael and Pamela at the Language of Space have really touched my life. They have actually come to my house and have done a complete analysis of my living quarters as well as business projects we are planning in the future. I will tell you that interaction has really turned the energy around in a direction that is not just positive but driving me forward in a faster and faster pace. If you have an opportunity, think about the Language of Space for everything you do in your business and personal life.

Don Saunders, author of “The Power of Knowing How Life Works”, NV 2013


Dear Pamela and Michael, I followed your adivce when choosing my new  apartment and added a list of do's and don'ts to my already long lis of "must haves". You have reinforced my conviction that your environment shapes your results and therefore I remain picky and did not settle. Now I was able to find a place that gets me lots of energy and is perfectly suited for me. Your teaching and theories contributed to this huge success.Thank you so much.

Chris Collins.... Design consultant, Brand expert....CEO Space instructor....Los Angeles 2010

I wanted to write and express how what an amazing transformation you have done to our property, I thank you from the bottom of my heart you are such a talented individual with the creativeness I have never experienced before until now.  You are able to see way beyond what others are not able to and the experience I am truly grateful thank you so much for your help.

Home Owner S.D., CEO Space

Thank you so very much for all your fantastic input for this house, don't know if I ever REALLY thanked you. It is a beautiful home to be in and has a lovely energy!! Of course!!"

KT...Home owner.. Wainui Beach New Zealand 2008

"I have lost a total of 48 pounds and have kept it off…… I know it’s the peace and tranquility that my living environments posses.  This peace of mind has helped me focus on my health and my body has slowly been transforming into a healthier state….….."


They did a personal profile on me about 6 months ago and helped me to determine where I need to be as far as my business. They helped me to figure out my strengths and weaknesses, even though I thought I knew what those were. They had formulas that they came up with that really pin pointed exactly where my focus needs to be, really helped me as far as going in the right direction in business. I highly recommend them and they are very good at what they do.

Lauris Renner. LAR Consulting Group, DC 2013

I’ve had an amazing experience with Michael and Pamela. I transitioned out of 2011 in kind of a funk. They did a profile reading for me, didn’t really know what to expect and it’s now the end of 2012 and thanks to that experience I’ve had the best year of my life. I don’t know what else to attribute it to, something tipped, thanks to Michael and Pamela. They knew things about me that I didn’t know about myself. Its important to be able to understand yourself by leveraging the objectivity of brilliant people like Michael and Pamela. I can’t say enough about them. Wonderful people, amazing service, especially in times as they are. It will make a huge difference in your life.

Chris Steely with GPS Business Group, UT 2012

You were spot on, you know us better then we know ourselves. D and D, CEO Space members

You got me like no one else, and I've had many readings before. Suzy Prudden, CEO Space instructor


"The reading that I received from Pamela was spot on! With the most minimal information she was able to list all the issues that have been plaguing me, with specific recommendations  about how to address them. Love, money, and business advice was all completely on target. It is an amazing value. Pamela's personal assessment is like have your therapist, astrologer, and business advisor rolled into ome powerful 1-hour download. "

Mary O'Connor, Executive Director, The institute for Social Enterpreneurship


"Michael  and Pamela used their "Language of Space" energy alignment techniques to successfully make an accurate business relationship prediction for me. We met in the morning and without naming names I mentioned to them I was in the process of deciding who to use for certain business services I was seeking. We parted company and they went off to do their "Language of Space". Simultaneously, and independently I received a contract for services and in reviewing it discovered there were some problems. When we met later that day and before I told them of my discovery they told me there were problems with who I was choosing to go with. I then told them I discovered problems in the contract. They said that this was a confirmation of what they had discovered using their energy alignment techniques and all will be well if I carefully review all transactions in going forward. Thank you Michael and Pamela!"
A....CEO Space member.... 2010



When I went to the class and we did the personality profiling I was totally blown away how accurate it was. You read me and didn’t know me from Adam on the street. This gave me the impetus to make some needed changes in my life and my families life just so we can move forward together.

When we met later you showed me some things that explain the reasons behind why other things are happening. Now I know why the money wasn’t flowing too us, because it was constantly flowing away from us. That was very helpful, thank you so much. Michael and Pamela are awesome. When you come to CEO Space, make sure you sit down with them and go their class because they are off the hook.

Beatrice Bruno, The Get over it Gal, Business Owner, CO 2013


"I have really enjoyed your class, it is by far the best presentation I have seen to date." Paul B... Palm Springs 2010

"Energetic speakers, kept the energy moving! Stimulating." BF... Playa Del Ray 2010

"Learning about Feng Shui before your workshop, I did not quite understand the concept until you shared your professional wisdom and experiences on hand. You provided examples that were eye openers to look at our environment in more aware ways. I had quite a few AHA moments that evening."  Bruite....Los Angeles 2009










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